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The upcoming May 16 Pennsylvania primary election for municipal, school board and county officials is most important because the decisions of local elected officials have a direct impact on the quality of our everyday life.

As voters, we need to elect highly qualified candidates who will best serve the public in these respective Armstrong County offices.

To that end, Pat Fabian is the right choice for Armstrong County Commissioner.

Commissioner Fabian has provided extraordinary leadership with integrity and commitment to serve the citizens of Armstrong County. As a former Manor Township Supervisor for five years and an Armstrong County Commissioner for eight years, Pat has a proven track record of dedicated and outstanding public service.

Pat, as a fiscally responsible elected official, has held the line on taxes and has accepted his fiduciary responsibilities to manage Armstrong County assets based on informed business decisions and best financial practices.

Pat clearly understands the connections among economic, community and workforce development. As county commissioner, Pat will continue to meet the changing needs of Armstrong County by growing the local tax base, investing in infrastructure, keeping local jobs, and creating new jobs in cooperation with county businesses, agencies and municipal, state and federal officials.

Overall, Pat will provide the necessary leadership to improve the quality of life for all Armstrong County citizens; and he will continue to support veterans, first responders, agricultural leaders, conservationists and specialists that combat illicit drugs.

Without question, Pat Fabian is a goodwill ambassador for Armstrong County, noting that he represents the county at the regional and state level. In that respect, Pat works consistently and tirelessly to pursue business growth opportunities and to increase Armstrong County’s economic footprint in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Please visit patfabian.com for more detailed information about Armstrong County Commissioner Pat Fabian. Pat’s public service record speaks for itself.

What matters in the May 16 Primary Election? Extraordinary leadership, broad-based experiences and full-time service. Pat Fabian is the right choice for the future of Armstrong County.

William H. Kerr

Apollo/Kiskiminetas Township