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A crowded field of candidates sometimes seems like merely a sea of names. Have you considered who is qualified and ready to fill this critical role? What would you say if asked to describe the people you want to see serving on the IASD Board of Directors? What’s important to you?

I think the responses to these questions are simple: caring, competent, collaborative, invested and action-oriented. As a small business owner, a parent, an educator, a nonprofit founder and an advocate for this community, Quintina shows that “Caring for Every Child” is more than just a slogan. Anyone who knows Quintina knows she will show up for all our students and teachers.

In addition, I’m comforted that Quintina has children at every developmental stage in our district — from elementary to high school. This means she is engaged and involved in district-wide day-to-day operations across buildings.

It’s one thing to read about what’s happening and another to have your children experiencing the curriculum and being impacted by policy decisions. So, Quintina has been my go-to to get dialed into what’s happening in the district.

My children have personally benefited from Quintina’s musical and leadership skills in the Community Choir she directs. In this role, she volunteers to give children in this community a joyful musical and artistic outlet.

A true collaborator and educator, Quintina is involved with numerous nonprofit organizations, educational efforts, and at the university level at IUP. I’m voting for Quintina Thomas because she’s demonstrated — through action — that she’s invested in our community and school district. Quintina’s not just telling you what she’ll do; she’s out there modeling it.

Therefore, I encourage prospective voters to vote for Quintina Thomas for the IASD Board of Directors on May 16.

Kristi Kratsa