Letter to Editor 18

Earth Day is right around the corner.

The movement began 49 years ago as a protest against the harmful impacts of industrial development.

During those years, then-President Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Congress passed environmental laws designed to reduce harmful air and water pollution.

Now, nearly 50 years later, efforts to safeguard the environment have shifted to state and local governments as well as private industry.

In keeping with the earlier efforts, Indiana County citizens formed an organization called Sustainable Indiana County.

During meetings over the past year, Susan Boser had a leadership role in the group which focused on renewable energy.

She helped develop ideas for boosting production of clean energy, for creating job opportunities and providing new income for rural landowners.

Her skills as a communicator and team player were evident.

Since then, Ms. Boser has decided to run for the recently vacated state Senate seat in the district.

While her commitment to building environmentally friendly infrastructure is well established, Ms. Boser’s opponent has campaigned on promoting the exploitation of “God-given natural gas and coal resources.”

Perhaps he has forgotten that God has bestowed many gifts, and among these are sun, and wind and water.

Humans have used energy from these sources for centuries, and they will not be depleted. This is the very meaning of renewable energy.

The upcoming election gives us an opportunity to ensure progress toward a sustainable future in the state of Pennsylvania.

By electing Susan Boser to state Senate, the people of Indiana will have a powerful voice for promoting the health of our environment and the prosperity of the county.

Happy Earth Day.

Vera DeBenedetti Bonnet

Marion Center