Letter to Editor 08

News of laws banning abortion after a detectable heartbeat has begun a social and political argument over when life begins and when it should be protected by the state.

If you ask women why they chose to get an abortion, many of their answers are the same: too young, too poor, too uneducated, they say. “No help from the father, no help from my family. What other option do I have?”

Pro-choice supporters cry, “protect the choice of the mother!” Pro-life supporters say, “protect the life of the baby!” But what about the life of the mother?

If a woman chooses life for her baby, both groups suddenly abandon her and move on to “help” the next woman.

Having a child drastically reduces young women’s educational and employment opportunities and we as a community don’t always make it easier for them to choose to keep the baby and still be able to better themselves.

It is difficult to raise a child under the best circumstances and nearly impossible if you are young, uneducated and alone.

What are we doing to change our culture from disparaging women with unplanned pregnancies to a society that helps them and builds them up?

One local resource that helps women is the Life-Way Pregnancy Center. It is a wonderful organization with offices in Indiana and Latrobe that operates on donations from the community.

They provide mothers with pregnancy testing, parenting classes, options for adoption and a variety of other fees services.

Though Mother’s Day has passed, vulnerable women in our community still need help.

Whether you call yourself pro-life or pro-choice, please do something to help women and girls who want to keep their baby but think they can’t.

That is the option that is both pro-life and pro-choice.

Elizabeth Henderson