Letter to Editor 04

A recent survey prepared and conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College and sponsored by Fair Districts PA and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizens Education Fund found that registered voters overwhelmingly (67 percent) support an independent citizens commission to draw state legislative voting district lines.

These findings include majorities of Republicans (63 percent), Democrats (66 percent) and Independents (78 percent) in every region of the state.

When voters were asked if they agreed or disagreed with statements about the current system of drawing legislatives districts by state party leaders, they responded that they believe that the current system allows party interests ahead of voter interests (72 percent), creates polarization and gridlock (70 percent), allows elected officials to choose their voters rather than voters choosing them (65 percent) and gives voters fewer choices on Election Day (62 percent).

The respondents to the survey also stated that they are much more or somewhat more likely (59 percent) to vote for a state legislator who supports an independent citizens commission.

This survey clearly shows that a majority of Pennsylvanians across all political parties, all areas of the state, all ages and education levels support redistricting reform.

You can find good information about this subject as well as the complete findings of the survey at www.fairdistrictspa.com.

Contact your Pennsylvania representatives to encourage them to support House Bills 22 and 23 — proposed legislation designed to create an independent citizens commission.

L.K. (Bonnie) Adair