Letter to Editor 21

This November, the election of Indiana County’s next District Attorney will prove to be one of the most important electoral decisions that voters will face in the near future. Fortunately, no matter how I look at it, Bob Manzi is the clear choice.

As a community member and active school board member, I have seen firsthand how critical it is for the District Attorney to be visible in all school districts and communities. He or she plays a vital role in educating students and families about how to protect children from crime and prevent potentially harmful behavior at a young age.

As an active board member of the The CARE Center of Indiana County and the YMCA of Indiana County, Bob Manzi understands that the role of a District Attorney extends beyond simply prosecuting criminals and he will be active in the community throughout his term — not just in an election year.

As a practicing attorney, it is critically important to me that Indiana County’s District Attorney be analytical, practical, and knowledgeable about criminal law and trial procedure.

Bob Manzi has prosecuted thousands of cases in Pennsylvania and has won over one hundred trials. I take comfort in knowing that he possesses the critical combination of knowledge and experience that voters should expect from their District Attorney.

The most important lens through which I view this decision is as a young adult preparing to raise a family in Indiana County. I want my family to grow up in a town that is safe and where I know the rule of law will be respected and enforced.

Bob Manzi will hold drug dealers and violent offenders accountable and will ensure that Indiana County is not a safe haven for criminals. He will be a champion for children and victims of all ages, and will not agree to plea deals simply to reduce his caseload.

No matter your perspective, Bob Manzi’s unique combination of character, experience, and community service make him the clear choice for Indiana County’s next District Attorney.

Eric Matava