Letter to Editor 05

My relationship with John (Jack) Matson, and that of my law firm, results from our representation of municipal employers as special labor counsel.

My professional relationship with Jack began years ago, following his ascent to the position of county commissioner, where he quickly displayed the temperament and professional acumen that has served him well in that role for the past several years. In particular, I had the opportunity to work with Jack over extended periods of time in contested labor and personnel matters where his skills and abilities as a conscientious employer were most critical.

Through these interactions, Jack has evidenced a keen ability to understand and address very complex personnel matters, including evidencing the hard-to-find trait of being proactive when necessary or reactive when necessary in order to resolve a problem. Another extremely valuable and notable trait I have come to admire in Jack is his ability to effectively communicate and sometimes “handle” varying personalities. Whether it be an intellectual elected official lacking certain street sense or the most “hard-nosed” employee representative, Jack brings out the best in people, leaving each individual with a positive reaction to the process, even if they do not always agree with the end result.

As a result, and as demonstrated by my interactions with Jack, I believe him to be of the character and experience that reflects the standards cherished by the residents of the 66th District, and I have no doubt Jack will serve their needs well as their elected representative.

Rich Miller