Letter to the editor

This letter is in response to the capricious way in which the new mayor of Indiana was chosen by our borough council.

Let me start by saying that I do not know Mr. Joseph Trimarchi and therefore do not have an opinion regarding his qualifications as mayor. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, let me state that I do know Mr. James Rickard and do know his qualifications as mayor. I, along with a number of other borough residents, sent unsolicited, detailed letters of endorsement for Mr. Rickard to borough council. Regrettably, Mr. Rickard was not chosen as mayor. Due to the antiquated process used by borough council, he never even had a chance.

The interim mayor was decided by a capricious process whereby the first candidate whose name was presented who received the majority of votes by council was chosen. Mr. Trimarchi was the first candidate who was named (who and how was that determined?) and was the first (and only) candidate who received the majority of the votes. The vote stopped there. The remainder of the candidates’ names were never even brought forward. How can this be fair? It isn’t! Even though this is an “interim” position for a year, it is common knowledge that an interim person frequently has a “leg up” upon during a regular election.

I respectfully request a “do over.” I’m sure council can ban/overrule this antiquated process and come up with one that is fair whereby each candidate has an equal chance to be chosen as mayor. Perhaps a presentation by each candidate, followed by a “primary” type of vote whereby the two highest vote-getters move on to a final vote whereby the highest vote-getter is the new mayor. Then even if my candidate of choice doesn’t win, it will at least have been a fair process. Thank you for your serious consideration of the fair, logical and democratic method I propose.

Jeannie M. Broskey