Letter to Editor 13

The 2020 presidential election may well be the most important election in a lifetime. Unfortunately it will be decided by the most uninformed or misinformed electorate in the history of the United States.

The news as reported on television resembles the three blind men describing an elephant.

A person says “X” and anti-Trump CNN reports they said “Y,” pro-Trump Fox reports they said “Z,” and the other national news channels stick to covering celebrities and calamities.

Of course there is the internet. What a wonderful source of misinformation. Computer companies have built up profiles of all users and manipulate search answers to present their point of view in a manner to appeal to the user’s profile. And those who rely on newspapers for their information are really out of luck.

Prior the 1950s, newspapers were the main source of news and there were a lot of stories packed into just a few column inches.

Now it seems that newspapers cover local stories and leave covering the world and nation to television stations. How sad.

We have heard enough about Russia and too little about China buying up ports and farm land around the world.

We have heard enough about the border wall and too little about genocide taking place in Africa, India, Myanmar and other places. We have heard enough about North Korea and Iran and too little about China’s 7,680-mile-per-hour guided missile.

In other words, we have heard enough of what “they” want us to hear and too little about what we need to hear.

No one knows for sure what national or worldly problems the next president will face, but we all know there will be problems.

Every voter has a duty to cast an educated vote and not just vote because of party, gender or for any other reason.

We must elect a qualified leader who is capable of leading not only this nation but the world.

Russell D. Lucas Sr.

Penn Run