Letter to Editor 11

I went to the PennDOT office at the Indiana Mall to apply for my Real ID after receiving the application to renew my driver’s license. I had all the necessary paperwork, or so I thought.

I learned, after waiting in line for about 1½ hours, that what had been given to us as our marriage license wasn’t what was required to obtain this.

I was told that I had to get one from the courthouse where it was issued and that in Indiana County, that would cost me $5.

Mine was issued in Westmoreland County and I got that.

Back I went again and waited another 1½ hours.

This time my middle name on my birth certificate was misspelled so once again, no Real ID.

I don’t know if the doctor who came to the house to deliver me was tired or simply didn’t know how to spell “Jean,” but somehow I have managed to live almost 84 years with it spelled “Gene.” I even have an expired passport.

This is only to let others know that most women are going to have this problem when they apply. I expect that the same will be true for anyone who wasn’t given a middle name at birth and added one later in life. It all has to match.

So start early if you are really going to get one!

As for me — I’ve decided to keep the $30 that I was going to give to the state!

Doris Poydence