Letter to Editor 10

By what authority does McClellan Blair seek to deny another letter writer, Everett Dembosky, his First Amendment right of free speech?

With his usual braggadocio and Ph.D hubris, Blair’s vituperative letter (Gazette, May 31, 2019) attacks Dembosky, whose views are, proudly so, completely opposite of those of self-serving, government-hater Blair, who presents an alternative universe where Trump is a “success” because more people are working at low-paying jobs; trade tariffs are foisted on American consumers, the Constitution is being trampled; women’s rights, abused; amnesty, denied; and traditional allies replaced by Russia and North Korea.

With skullduggery rivaling that of Mitch McConnell, who cheated President Obama out of a Supreme Court nomination and blocked every Democratic bill from even reaching the Senate floor for six years, Blair rewrites history by saying that during the Obama years, Republicans “eschewed the vituperation now employed by the Left.” Don’t make me laugh.

In plain English, folks, Blair had the audacity to say that Republicans treated Obama with the respect due his office. Deprived of real scandals that now haunt the present occupant of the White House, the Right’s hate-machine fabricated and photo-shopped fake “scandals” that Obama was not American-born, was not a Christian, wore his flag-pin upside down, placed his left hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, and was “unpresidential” when he wore a tan suit!

It shouldn’t be too hard for a Ph.D to read the Mueller Report instead of accepting the distortions of William Barr or relying on the propaganda put out by Trump TV (Fox Network) that Trump had been exonerated and cleared of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

On May 30, 2019, Robert Mueller took the mic to give a nine-minute summary of the investigation by, in Mueller’s words, “people of highest integrity” and ordered by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Republican): The Russians did interfere in the 2016 election to help Trump. Despite thirty-four individuals indicted for conspiring with Russians, there was not sufficient evidence to determine that Trump, himself, did.

However, Volume Two of the Mueller Report laid out 10 examples of Trump’s crime of obstruction and other abuses of his office. Mueller could not indict a sitting president, but he did not exonerate Trump: “If we had been confident that (Trump) was innocent, we would have said so.” Holding the president accountable for “wrong-doing,” he added, is now up to Congress. He did not say “Case closed.”

Janice Dembosky