Letter to Editor 12

Most people know that it is not a good idea to poke a lion, even if the beast is sleeping. POTUS is definitely not “most people!” He seems really determined to challenge and provoke the “Iranian Lions” — the Mullahs. He unilaterally withdrew from the multi-nation agreement co-signed by the European Allies and Russia and China.

The Iranians promptly responded by stepping up uranium enrichment to bomb strength.

They have also attacked oil tankers in the Gulf waters and now their missiles have destroyed a multi-million dollar surveillance drone.

Perhaps influenced by advisers Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, military response plans were dusted off.

Troops were readied for deployment to teach the Mullahs a lesson.

Fortunately common sense prevailed and the plan was abandoned (put on hold?) — apparently only 10 minutes before zero hour!

So the president has, once again, shown his “mastery” of deal making.

Make a lot of noise. Appear to wave a big stick. Then have a change of heart and retreat with his tail between his legs. No wonder old allies from previous wars and confrontations with Russia, China and North Korea are puzzled and confused. Meanwhile presidents Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jung Un are probably rubbing their hands and celebrating in their various palaces.

If only the old saying was true: Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Gordon Knox