Rep. Jim Struzzi landscape

Rep. Jim Struzzi

As I come to the close of my first term in office, I would like to thank the people of Indiana County for your support in these last two years and for your confidence in me to continue for another term.

I am truly honored to represent you in Harrisburg, and I look forward to continuing our efforts to serve all Indiana County residents.

Moving forward, it is important for all community leaders to come together with a shared vision for Indiana County. This includes efforts to improve all aspects of life: our economy, education, health care, business and industry sectors, quality of life, recreational opportunities and community safety — these are important to all of us collectively.

I have already started those conversations and will be reaching out to every community I represent for more in-depth discussions to plan and take actions toward an improved, secure future. Infrastructure, broadband and access to essential services are paramount.

I understand the stress and concerns many have been facing this year. We have each been affected by the challenges 2020 has presented. We are in very difficult times, but we will survive with resiliency and faith. It is vital to our success that we respect each other and work together for the greater good. We all share the common ground of living here in Indiana County and wanting it to be the best possible place to live. I truly believe the next few years are going to be great for our county.

I have been working with my colleague Sen. Joe Pittman, the county commissioners, planning officials and the other affiliates within the Indiana County Center for Economic Operations. We understand the issues before us and will work as a team to address them.

There are many good things happening in our community that are overshadowed by national events and COVID-19. We started a new economic development plan earlier this year, but unfortunately it was put on hold due to the pandemic. Work will resume on the plan in the coming year. IUP, IRMC and our successful business sectors are key components of that plan. We must strengthen and grow our assets, protect and enhance our existing industries, and attract new businesses and opportunities based on our collective vision.

At the state level, we must assess our tax structures, including property taxes, to make Pennsylvania more attractive to businesses and families.

Our budget challenges are not easily remedied and will continue into the coming fiscal year. We must have realistic spending expectations while simultaneously looking for common-sense opportunities to generate new revenue.

I remain focused on creating and sponsoring meaningful legislation that helps the people I represent, our county and this commonwealth. We will remain transparent through effective communication and an open-minded approach to solving challenges together.

I want everyone in Indiana County to be successful, safe and happy here. We can achieve that with cooperation, understanding, dedication and hard work. Regardless of our differences, we must remember that we are all united as Pennsylvanians and as Indiana County residents. When we work together, we will make Indiana County a better place for all of us.

I look forward to safely resuming our public events and town hall meetings in the future, but please know that my staff and I remain available to you in my office, by phone or by email.

If you have input you would like to share to work toward a common vision, please do not hesitate to reach out. To stay informed about what is happening in Harrisburg and in the district, please subscribe to our weekly emails at