Letter to editor

I write to express two concerns with Mr. Lady’s July 9 Letter To The Editor. The Sunshine Laws guarantee, with few exceptions, transparency and citizens’ voice in governmental actions.

In paragraph two Mr. Lady describes the April 30, 2021, meeting with the supervisors, Rep. Struzzi and Sen. Joe Pittman as a “brainstorming” session. However, also included in that session was both the motion and approval to advertise for the employment of a PR person. That is an official action.

The date of the meeting was publicly announced; however, official action requires both the date and an agenda. No official action should occur in a “brainstorming” session.

White Township citizens had absolutely no influence or voice in that decision since no one was properly informed.

Either an agenda should have been published for that meeting, or the motion should have been conducted at the next official township meeting.

Second, in the succeeding paragraphs, Mr. Lady suggests the opportunity for my mother to attend three future meetings — May 12, May 16 and June 9.

How can one voice their comments on a motion after it has already been proposed and passed? The purpose of the Sunshine Laws is to guarantee citizen input on official business before action is taken!

Neither I nor my mother, Norma Tarnoff, have any issues with the journalistic accomplishments of Chauncey Ross, or how perfectly he will fill this position.

It is the lack of transparency. White Township residents had no voice in this decision.

That is problematic.

And if White’s Woods is part of the “boundless recreation opportunities at superior facilities” then why propose to timber these woods in ’95, 2007-2008, and 2021?

DCNR denied approval of these last two plans calling the timbering excessive and not reflecting community values or input. Democracy is both beautifully strong yet fragile. We must guard it carefully, protecting the transparency that its laws guarantee its citizens.

This was the purpose of my mother’s editorial of June 25. I recommend that White Township supervisors carefully study these laws.

Maura Tarnoff

Palo Alto, Calif.