Letter to Editor 16

Lately it seems that all we hear about is bad and ugly news. I recently had an uplifting experience I would like to share.

I was taking groceries from the car to the kitchen of my home on Water Street.

As I carried the last bag, I tripped on the porch step and landed between the porch, the porch pole and the bushes. Because of where I landed, I couldn’t get leverage to sit up or to stand up. So I waited and waited. My husband was upstairs and couldn’t hear me. No one was walking down the street. The cars that were going past weren’t stopping. So I waited some more.

Finally a young man appeared out of nowhere and asked if I needed help. He reached down and pulled me up with no difficulty at all. His father and brother appeared also.

Apparently, the young man had seen me lying in the bushes and started yelling for his dad to stop the car. His father stopped and the young man bolted up the street to help me.

They offered to help me with my groceries and didn’t leave until they were sure I was OK.

I just wanted to thank this young man and his family for helping me. There is still good news and good people in this world. Thank God.

The lady in the bushes,

Linda Cunningham