Letter to Editor 17

An ice cream run to the Dairy Queen almost resulted in a very expensive ice cream treat the other evening.

After a quick stop at a MAC machine my wife and I decided to stop at the Dairy Queen on 4th Street.

Later that evening, I discovered that I had lost my money clip that contained an abundant amount of cash.

I retraced my steps at home, driveway, etc. and found nothing.

The next morning I went to check the lot of the Dairy Queen and found nothing.

An early morning employee was there opening the store. I asked if a money clip had been found. She came out in a few minutes holding up my money clip.

I was extremely pleased, thanked her, and left a reward for somebody’s honesty.

Many thanks to a Dairy Queen employee or customer who had the honesty to return the money clip.

It was a genuinely honest gesture for which I am very thankful.

William Spadafora