Letter to Editor 04

Government is at a standoff. One issue is a fundamental disagreement between right and left over border security.

Congress has rightfully passed laws which make it illegal to enter the country without permission, yet the left believes it to be in their best interest to open our borders to as many needy as possible who will likely become future socialistic voters.

Those on the right oppose this agenda as unlawful, fiscally disastrous, and an existential threat to the nation from the drugs, criminals, and terrorists which accompany the flood of destitute migrants.

The president is charged by the Constitution to enforce the law, which requires him to prevent illegal entry and remove those who have entered illegally.

Congress refuses to provide resources to carry out his duty. Trump’s campaign promise to “build a wall” is both practical and symbolic of his pledge and determination to minimize illegal population.

The left is determined to thwart Trump in any effort to achieve success in his Constitutional mission (and anything else he proposes). They revel in refusal to amend the law to relieve the president of this responsibility, while suing in federal court to block Trump’s creative efforts to circumvent them.

Opposition goes beyond having lost the election to a visceral hatred of Trump, his agenda and his persona, and there is nothing they will not do to vilify him, persecute his associates, nominees, staff and supporters.

They want him gone, ASAP! They recognize the importance of Trump’s achievements to his re-election, so they will not yield—not merely because it is a wall (which they have previously supported), but because it is Trump’s wall.

This is a political vendetta, and they have demonstrated their intransigence in their unwillingness to negotiate or compromise one iota.

Trump has given up hope for any cooperation from Congress, or timely help from the court system, so he has leveraged Mexico for assistance.

Mexico has ignored its immigration laws to allow vast caravans to blatantly traverse their lands. Trump threatens them with a choice.

Either enforce your laws, or I will place tariffs on your exports, which will pay for me to do it.

This has gotten their instant attention and an agreement for real


Let’s hope they do a good job, or Trump will re-apply the tariff stick. Another artful deal and accomplishment of Trump’s promise to have Mexico pay for it.

McClellan G. Blair, Ph.D.