Letter to Editor 11

I read Mr. Lee Schweitzer’s letter to the editor on Aug. 7, 2019. He does a great job explaining how to get in touch with your representatives and how to give your views on assault rifles and background checks, and he calls this a moral moment.

He did not say he was a gun owner in his letter, but I doubt it. I do not own a military-style gun and have no desire to have one. However, I do believe in background checks and have no time for red flag laws.

I am a 79-year-old Republican gun owner, and I vote in every election as he does.

I hunt deer and protect my property with the guns I legally own. I have no interest in sexual orientation, ethnicity or any religions other than my own Presbyterian roots.

For some reason, people think the Republican or Democrat party are their friends. They will promise you anything just to get your vote. The people you want to contact are protected by bodyguards with guns on a daily basis.

Thank God for the state police who visit our area and keep us safe. Here is how I look at the other side of the coin. In the real world, most people like Lee don’t cause a lot of problems and they mean well.

In Indiana County, drugs are everywhere. At any moment, in Penn Run, Indiana, Homer City or where I live, a robbery, home invasion or killing could happen. I am told by the state police that they are maxed out and I believe them.

Here is my solution: Go see Sheriff Fyock, get a license to carry if you qualify, buy a good handgun or weapon of your choice and learn how to use it properly.

At least if you have to call the police, you can control the situation until they get there. If you have no protection, you are a soft target and are easy prey for someone who means you harm.

People will always have illegal guns. Don’t be in a real hurry to get rid of the ones that are legal.

Believe me, that is what they want. They are never satisfied until our guns are gone.

Here is an old quote from a wise man: “It’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by six.”

Ralph Forrester