Letter to Editor 11

In a recent letter to the editor Mike Butler, a CEA director, attacked Grant Township and CELDF using some hot button words —“extremists,” “misguided,” etc. Why the attack?

First Grant was told in 2012 by talking heads at PGE that we “have no say in it.” Wrong. Grant’s citizens have filed appeals, enacted a ban, changed our form of local government (Home Rule Charter) and legalized nonviolent civil disobedience to stop this injection well.

People should have the right to control what goes on in their communities and corporations should not have the right to “use your community as a toilet” with “no say in it.” We have been described as a “renegade township” on “the front line of a new environmental movement.”

CELDF is helping us fight the power, the money and the access that corporations and our judicial, legislative and regulatory agencies possess. It is difficult, expensive and exhausting, but Grant got a seat at the table and sat in the game.

Along comes CEA, a lobbying group for the G/O industry to send out targeted messages to discredit Grant and CELDF. Courts and corporate judges slap CELDF as well as Grant with attorney fees to send a message, to make an example, and teach the renegades a lesson. Bankrupt them so they cannot function to “have a say.” CEA calls their website a “grassroots vehicle” when it is funded by corporations. It is an industry front group that targets media messaging which has resulted in investigations in three states about falsified documents (letters, petitions and emails), and multiple accusations. All is indicative of what the industry will do to achieve their goal of “no say in it.”

And as for “leading in environmental improvements” — not so. In 2015, a website called List of the Harmed had 6,650 entries — now over 22,378 exist. 15,728 is more, not less, Mr. Butler. We “have a say” and we drafted laws that prohibit pollution and environmental threats which violate our rights to clean air, water and soil and our rights to self-government involving a sustainable future. Our Home Rule Charter is still valid and there is no injection well. No say? I beg to differ.

“Someone needs to explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist (or extremist) and why proposing to destroy water with chemical warfare doesn’t make a corporation a terrorist.” — Winona LaDuke

Judy Wanchisn

Marion Center

Queenmother to the East Run Hellenders Society Inc. ERHS