Letter to Editor 15

It is refreshing to see Janice Dembosky indignantly standing up for her man by excoriating my husband for objection to her husband’s baseless demand that President Trump be removed from office. It’s my turn.

The left specializes in baseless accusations: supposed hatred of our traditional allies, collusions with Russians or North Koreans, alignment with women-haters, immigrant-haters, amnesty-deniers, NATO-haters, climate change deniers, abortion-haters, and any other group upon which they can look down upon with professed moral superiority.

The most scurrilous accusation was that of Russian collusion. After two years of intense investigation, that accusation was unproven.

Now they want to excoriate his protesting being tarred and feathered for something he didn’t do? In our justice system, one is innocent until proven guilty.

None of us are lawyers, but Mueller and his merry band of 19 partisan lawyers were not shy in indicting a bunch of Russians, as well as some Trump campaign associates (for crimes none of which were related to Trump or his campaign), even while grumbling about stuff they did not like, could not come up with an indictment of Trump or his campaign in their report, or in the interpretation of it by the attorney general. Absence of an indictment is an exoneration.

Moreover, an indictment would only be an untried undefended accusation, and certainly not grounds for removal from office. Clearly Mr. Dembosky was way out of bounds in his demand. Malicious unsupported accusations are not condoned as protected free speech.

As to claimed “real scandals that now haunt the present occupant of the White House,” that’s another unsupported accusation. Name them. On the other hand, there were plenty of scandals perpetrated by the Obama administration, including “Fast and Furious,” IRS targeting conservative groups and individuals, Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of secret documents, destruction of official correspondence, Uranium One self-dealing, creation of the deep state and spying on political opponents and correspondents.

Those are real unresolved scandals. Because of the corruption of the DOJ, the Obama administration was able to slow-walk, redact, hide and otherwise prevent public revelation of the extent of malfeasance, which is only now beginning to be revealed through FISA requests and declassification.

This is only the beginning of the revelation of such widespread corruption of executive branch agencies in the past 10 years as our government has ever seen. It’s a tragedy.

Britta Blair