Letter to Editor 20

We are witnessing an erosion of democracies around the world. There is a shift toward authoritarianism.

Trump came into office planting seeds of doubt in our democratic institutions, a tactic of autocratic rulers. Autocrats begin by convincing citizens that they can’t believe what they read in the press. They label the press “Fake News” or “Enemies of the People.” Citizens are told that they can only believe what their Great Leaders tell them.

Trump has not only cast doubt on the press, but on the courts, our intelligence agencies and the international organizations that have united and protected our country from totalitarian aggression for over 70 years.

Under this administration we are losing our most trusted allies around the world as Trump cozies up to the likes of Putin, Erdogan, Kim Jong Un, et al.

Autocrats sabotage elections. They begin by suppressing the vote: questioning the eligibility of voters, limiting numbers of polling locations, convincing voters that their votes don’t count and enlisting the help of foreign entities to intervene in the voting process.

This is all happening under this administration.

Trump abuses the power of the presidency to bring every branch of the government under his control. He fills the heads of departments and agencies with his submissive cronies and enablers who execute his autocratic directives.

More disturbingly, he ignores, dismisses or denigrates reports from our own intelligence agencies regarding threats facing our nation. He instead takes the word of our adversaries over our own intelligence officers, endangering our very national security. This affinity for dictators should alarm all Americans!

We can’t afford four more years of this. We are witnessing the destruction of our democracy.

The only answer is to vote in November to remove Trump from office so that we can begin to restore our fragile democracy, our security and our reputation around the world.

Kathy Olsen