Letter to editor

The United States of America are no longer in harmony; instead we have entered a period of turmoil.

On more and more issues we see splits appearing, not just in politics but in more and more aspects of daily life.

In the GOP, one faction has “drunk the Kool-Aid” and is still in thrall to one-term, twice-impeached, ex-President Donald J. Trump.

They still believe in “The Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “stolen” despite the fact that this was the highest voter turnout ever and President Joe Biden gained the highest margin of victory in the whole history of presidential elections.

The remaining conservatives are wondering how to distance themselves from the malign influence of the Mar-a-Largo refugee, who is apparently gearing up to run again in 2024 and bring four more years of mismanagement and chaos.

The Democrats should be celebrating the presidential victory and using their (albeit slim) majority in both House and Senate, to enact the programs that will bring many benefits to the majority of Americans.

Instead they themselves are now split into “progressive” and “conservative” factions, each with their own agenda and competing set of priorities.

This threatens the ability of the administration to enact its program.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed over 5 million people worldwide with 700,000 deaths in the USA.

We can now have the protection of the vaccines, which were produced in record time.

Yet a large number of people are refusing to be vaccinated for a variety of (unscientific) reasons. This creates a reservoir of unprotected people in which the deadly virus can spread and probably mutate to produce more virulent (= more deadly) forms.

Unless we reach a point where a majority of the population are vaccinated so we have “herd immunity,” then we will continue to lose friends, neighbors and family members to this deadly enemy.

So why not work for a common front to deal with all our problems?

Gordon Knox