Letter to Editor 13

Hate should not be tolerated or promoted. When I read the July 11 Gazette article on the discovery of “manifesto” fliers posted around Indiana prior to the July 12 Lights

for Liberty rally, I got sick to my stomach.

The fliers had the name of a white supremacist group on them.

The article stated Indiana Borough Police and FBI were investigating the incident as a possible hate crime prior to the rally raising awareness of immigration issues.

However, the investigators were seeking hate groups compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery, Ala.

What is the SPLC? It is an extremely well-funded advocacy group whose $518 million campaign is to eliminate faith, family and freedom and silence conservatives.

SPLC has sparked on-campus protests against conservative speakers. SPLC’s hate map includes several pro-family, pro-faith and pro-freedom groups.

Once such group is the Family Research Council (FRC) based in D.C. and many other Christian and Catholic groups that hold to an orthodox Christian view of marriage and sexuality.

SPLC is quick to label groups “hate groups” who oppose their hard-core leftist agenda.

I’ve attended workshops conducted by FRC and they are not a hate


In fact, many churches around the country have sought advice from FRC regarding standing up for religious freedom and their legal rights.

SPLC’s unfair targeting with their hate list actually has motivated people to commit violence. In 2012, because of FRC’s prominent spot on SPLC’s hate list, a shooter entered FRC’s headquarters armed with 100 rounds of ammunition and the intent to kill employees.

Fortunately, the shooter was stopped by FRC’s building manager, who was shot while subduing the SPLC-inspired assassin.

As for the picture in the Gazette (July 13) of the rally group, I ask: Why no American flags?

And to the peace-loving, counter-rally group of 20 Indiana County residents across the street from the rally: Thank you for waving those American flags and reminding us that we are a nation of laws and a country who welcomes immigrants who come legally.

Too bad the Gazette didn’t cross the street to get your side of the story. God bless America!

Pat Leach

Marion Center