Letter to Editor 11

This missive addresses Mike Butler of Consumer Energy Alliance’s May 28 letter regarding the wildly condescending attempt to sound frightening to Indiana County residents and to those of us in Grant Township. We know of scarier, Mr. Butler.

Speaking of scared, that came through in your writing. Your industry is scared. That’s why the CEA — a huge energy industry funded PR group — whose members include giants like ExxonMobile, Chevron and Shell — made its stated goal of 2019 “to counter the message of anti-fracking and anti-pipeline protesters.”

It’s surprising that Butler used the phrase, “increasingly detrimental” when writing about our case. Does he know what a Class IID injection well even is?

Injection wells are the dictionary definition of “detrimental.”

That’s why Grant Township adopted a Home Rule Charter — to protect ourselves against “detriments” like the proposed injection well.

“Detrimental” is toxic fumes, a 5-acre plant with barrels of cancer — causing and flammable bactericides and injectates on-site.

“Detrimental” is 13-hour-a-day/7-day-a-week truck traffic on township roads and the diesel fumes and spills that will follow.

“Detrimental” is the radioactive waste slated for permanent storage in our watershed put there by a serial polluting company that’s never operated an injection well and then is regulated by an agency underfunded by Pa. taxpayers and owned by industry.

And why is something as powerful as the CEA writing about Grant Township’s “detriments” anyway? Probably because if other communities fight like we do — that would spell detriment to you, sir. Our lawyers are certainly not deep-pocketed, and not an environmental group. CELDF is an organization working with communities to protect rights for people and nature — a scary beast you and your industry must demonize.

CELDF is working with our community at our request, and working with us to stave off destruction. What other options do we have, besides pitchforks in the streets?

What “cripples” communities are these “legally” permitted corporate pollution projects (like injection wells).

Our township is beautiful, poor, sparsely populated and out of the way. It would make an ideal toxic industrial dump for those reasons. But hosting an injection well (or multiples), is what will cripple Grant Township. And that’s what frightens us. Our democratically enacted Home Rule Charter, which protects our rights, is what most likely frightens you.

Stacy Long

Vice chair, supervisor, Grant Township