Letter to the editor

I would like to clear some things up about the recent VFW Post 1989 situation involving the refunds to those who paid for a golf membership.

The post is currently under control of administration team appointed by the state. They have no intent of giving any refunds. However, after nominations and the elections of new post officers, refunds are possible.

It has always been the intent of the post to refund the golf membership fees in full when the post sold. The golfers who paid have been very patient and that is appreciated. It is unfortunate that the current administration team will not issue the refunds, but it is possible to still get the refunds when the new officers take over.

The Indiana community has always been extremely supportive toward veterans in this area and the post. Social members have volunteered and helped keep the post alive for many years. Let’s not turn our backs on our community, our family and our friends.

Some of the refunds are even due to post members who are also golfers. The district team is not obligated to give the refunds, but it is the right thing to do. Not giving a refund, going back on the word of the post, that is not what Post 1989 is about.

I can’t speak for everyone. However, the post members I have talked to have every intention of refunding the memberships once the post has new officers, and they are back in control. The administration team has stressed they will not give a refund, but they also told the members it ultimately is up to the officers who take over if they want to then issue refunds.

This community has been so supportive and understanding for 90 years.

Please give the post just a little more time to make things right.

Donald Strotman