Indiana, PA - Indiana County

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ELECTION 2015: Six advance in race for five seats at Purchase Line ELECTION 2015: Six advance in race for five seats at Purchase Line
7 weeks ago -
PURCHASE LINE — The unofficial result of the primary elections for Purchase Line School District board of directors, including tallies of votes in Indiana County and Clearfield County sections of the district, follow. [Read More]
ELECTION 2015: GOP incumbents to face Dem newcomers ELECTION 2015: GOP incumbents to face Dem newcomers
7 weeks ago - - RANDY WELLS
Indiana County’s incumbent Republican commissioners won nominations Tuesday to run for another term and the two female commissioner candidates on the Democratic ballot also advanced to the fall general election. [Read More]
ELECTION 2015: Results of auditors race unclear ELECTION 2015: Results of auditors race unclear
7 weeks ago - - RANDY WELLS
Indiana County auditor Donna Cupp, dissatisfied with the work performance of her fellow Republican auditor Helen Clark, months ago recruited political newcomer Kimberly McCullough to be a third candidate in Tuesday’s race for two Republican nominations for county auditor. [Read More]
ELECTION 2015: 7 nominated for IASD board ELECTION 2015: 7 nominated for IASD board
7 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
The president of the Indiana Area School District board and the head of the board’s finance committee lost their bids for re-election Tuesday, and voters eliminated a first-time candidate in the primary elections, reducing a field of 10 to seven nominees who will appear on the November ballot. [Read More]
ELECTION 2015: Grant Township residents approve of home rule ELECTION 2015: Grant Township residents approve of home rule
7 weeks ago -
Residents in Grant Township voted 4-1 in favor of a referendum to explore the process of changing its form of government to a home rule charter. [Read More]
Spring primary municipal election results Spring primary municipal election results
7 weeks ago -
Here are the results of voting on the Democratic and Republican ballots for the spring primary election. All are four-year terms unless otherwise noted. Each race has one position open unless otherwise noted. [Read More]
Spring primary school board election results
7 weeks ago -
Here are the winners of nominations for school board in the primary election. All candidates were cross-filed unless otherwise noted. All seats are four-year terms unless otherwise noted. An asterisk denotes winners. [Read More]
Former city councilman wins primary for Philly mayor Former city councilman wins primary for Philly mayor
7 weeks ago -
PHILADELPHIA — A veteran Philadelphia councilman who is likely to become the city’s next mayor credited a coalition of union members, immigrants, public school parents and others for his easy victory in a crowded Democratic primary. [Read More]
New nominees gird for Pennsylvania high-court campaign New nominees gird for Pennsylvania high-court campaign
7 weeks ago -
HARRISBURG — Party endorsements and money made the difference in who was nominated for state Supreme Court in Pennsylvania’s primary election. [Read More]



 Fire Hall, 12095 Rte. 56 Hwy. E., Armagh, PA 15920

Armstrong Township

ARMSTRONG 1, The Event Hall, 4677 Parkwood Rd., Shelocta, PA 15774

ARMSTRONG 2, Shelocta United Presbyterian Church, 182 S. Ridge Rd., Shelocta, PA 15774


Banks Township

Township Supervisors’ Building, 1870 Hemlock Lane Rd., Rossiter, PA 15772

Blacklick Township

Blacklick Township Community Center/Old Gordon School House, 132 Hill Rd., Blairsville, PA 15717


BLAIRSVILLE 1, United Presbyterian Church, 137 North Walnut St., Blairsville, PA 15717

BLAIRSVILLE 2, Old American Legion Building, 101 E. North Lane, Blairsville, PA 15717

BLAIRSVILLE 3, Morewood Towers, 101 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, PA 15717


Brush Valley Township

Brush Valley Fire Hall, 5540 Rte. 259 Hwy., Brush Valley, PA 15720

Buffington Township

BUFFINGTON 1, Twp. Supervisors’ Building, 1010 Rte. 403 Hwy. S., Homer City, PA 15748

BUFFINGTON 2, Dilltown Sportsmen’s Club, 3092 Oneida Mine Rd., Dilltown, PA 15929


Burrell Township

BURRELL 1, Blacklick Fire Hall, 151 Main St., Blacklick, PA 15716

BURRELL 2, Chestnut Hills Senior Center, 26 Heybert Drive, Blairsville, PA 15717


Canoe Township

Township Supervisors’ Building, 1670 Canoe Ridge Rd., Rossiter PA 15772

Center Township

CENTER 1, Bethel Presbyterian Church, 1470 Bethel Church Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

CENTER 2, Coral/Graceton Fire Hall, 437 1st St., Coral, PA 15731

CENTER 3, Roman Catholic Church/Rec. Hall, 427 Lucerne Rd., Lucernemines, PA 15754


Cherryhill Township

CHERRYHILL 1, Cherryhill Twp. Fire Hall, 1442 N. Harmony Rd., Penn Run, PA 15765

CHERRYHILL 2, Hull’s Farm & Lawn Equip. Showroom, 4299 Airport Road, Indiana, PA 15701


Cherry Tree

Presbyterian Church, 122 Front St., Cherry Tree, PA 15724


Clymer Municipal Building, 115 6th St., Clymer, PA 15728

Conemaugh Township

CONEMAUGH 1, Twp. Supervisors’ Building, 16980 Rte. 286 Hwy. W., Saltsburg, PA 15681

CONEMAUGH 2, Tunnelton Fire Hall, 76 E. 3rd Ave., Saltsburg, PA 15681

CONEMAUGH 3, Saltsburg Sr. High/Main Entrance, 84 Trojan Drive, Saltsburg, PA 15681



Creekside Fire Hall, Creekside, PA 15732

East Mahoning Township

Township Supervisors’ Building, 12052 Rte. 119 Hwy. N., Marion Center, PA 15759

East Wheatfield Township

EAST WHEATFIELD 1, Armagh/East Wheatfield Fire Hall, 12095 Rte. 56 Hwy. E., Armagh, PA 15920

EAST WHEATFIELD 2, Twp. Supervisors’ Building, 11444 Rte. 56 East, Armagh, PA 15920



Assumption RC Church/Activ. Bldg., 757 Main St., Ernest, PA 15739

Glen Campbell

Borough Building/Fire Hall, 440 Glenwood Ave., Glen Campbell, PA 15742

Grant Township

Grant Township Supervisors’ Bldg., 100 East Run Rd., Marion Center, PA 15759

Green Township

GREEN 1, Pine Grove Church of God, 4806 Route 240 Hwy., Cherry Tree, PA 15724

GREEN 2, Morning Star Ministries Church, 4297 Starford Rd., Starford, PA 15777

GREEN 3, Wesleyan Ministry Center, 222 Purchase Line Rd., Dixonville, PA 15734


Homer City

HOMER CITY 1, St. Mary’s Byzantine Church, 279 Yellow Creek St., Homer City, PA 15748

HOMER CITY 2, Homer City Fire Hall, 25 W. Church St., Homer City, PA 15748



INDIANA 1, Christian Church, 80 N. 5th Street, Indiana, PA 15701

INDIANA 2/1, Calvary Presbyterian Church, 695 School St., Indiana, PA 15701

INDIANA 2/2, Trinity Methodist Church, 398 Church St., Indiana, PA 15701

INDIANA 3/1, Pratt Hall, IUP, Main Lobby, 233 Pratt Dr., Indiana, PA 15705

INDIANA 3/2, Zink Hall, Gym B, IUP

INDIANA 3/4, Lifesteps, 1455 Church St., Indiana, PA 15701

INDIANA 4, Courthouse Annex, 827 Water St., Indiana, PA 15701


Marion Center

Marion Center Fire Hall, 701 Manor St, Marion Center, PA 15759

Montgomery Township

Hillsdale Citizens Ambulance, 18365 Rte. 286 Hwy. E., Hillsdale, PA 15746

North Mahoning Township

Mahoning Hills Senior Center, 19298 Rte. 119 Hwy. N., Punxsutawney, PA 15767

Pine Township

PINE 1, Historical Society, 14729 Rte. 422 Hwy. E., Strongstown, PA 15957

PINE 2, Pine Twp. Fire Hall, 6485 Rte. 403 Hwy. N., Heilwood, PA 15745

PINE 3, County Building, 11327 Rte. 553 Hwy., Alverda, PA  15710


Rayne Township

Martin Hall, 3703 Tanoma Rd., Clymer, PA 15728 (Tanoma)


Saltsburg Borough Building, 316 Point St., Saltsburg, PA 15681


Borough Building, 440 Main Street, Shelocta, PA 15774


Salem Lutheran Church, 26 Clarion St., Smicksburg, PA 16256

South Mahoning Township

Township Municipal Building, 10 Rossmoyne Rd., Home, PA 15747

Washington Township

Township Supervisors’ Building, 360 Red Lion Road, Creekside, PA 15728

West Mahoning Township

County Building, 135 Dayton Smicksburg Rd., Smicksburg, PA 16256

West Wheatfield Township

WEST WHEATFIELD 1, West Wheatfield Community Building, 290 Caroline St., Robinson, PA 15949

WEST WHEATFIELD 2, Clyde Fire Hall, 8198 Rte. 22 Hwy. E., New Florence, PA 15944 (Clyde)


White Township

WHITE 1, Indiana Ice & Expo Center, 200 Kunkle Dr., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 2, Mack Park Picnic Pavilion, 750 S. Sixth St., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 3/1, Calvary Evangelical Free Church, 74 S. Ben Franklin Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 3/2, Rustic Lodge, 2199 Oakland Ave., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 3/3, Christian & Missionary Alliance Church (across from CVS), 2510 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 4-5, Chevy Chase Community Center, 670 N. Fifth St. Rear, Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 6, YMCA Building/Community Meeting Rm., 84 Ben Franklin Rd. N., Indiana, PA 15701


Young Township

YOUNG 1, Coal Run Fire Hall, 2184 Coal Run Rd., Clune, PA 15727

YOUNG 2, Church of God, 150 Blackleggs Rd., West Lebanon, PA 15783

YOUNG 3, Iselin Fire Hall, 375 Red St., Saltsburg, PA 15681