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Harmony Area School District

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Municipalities encompassed:  Clearfield County – Westover Borough, Burnside and Chest townships
        Indiana County – Cherry Tree Borough

Schools:  Harmony Area Elementary/High School

School board members:
• Norman Fry, president (Region II) (Term expires December 2017)
• Jason Sunderland, vice president (Region II) (Term expires December 2015)
• William Boring (Region I) (Term expires December 2015)
• Roberta Bradford (At large) (Term expires December 2015)
• Susan Gallaher (Region III) (Term expires December 2015)
• Chris Kurtz (Region III) (Term expires December 2017)
• Betty Kunsman (At large) (Term expires December 2017)
• Shawn McGarvey (At large) (Term expires December 2015)
• Don Hauser (Region I) (Term expires December 2017)

Meeting days and location:  Regular meetings on the first Monday of each month except September and December (March 3; April 7; May 5; June 2; Tuesday, Sept. 2; Oct. 6; Nov. 3; and Wednesday, Dec 3) and workshops on the last Monday of each month (Feb. 24; March 31; April 28; May 27; Aug. 25; Sept. 29; Oct. 27; and Nov 24) in library at HASD.

Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Jill Dillon
Business Manager: Robin Kitchen
Solicitor: Campbell, Miller, Williams, Benson, Etter & Consiglio
Open Records Officer: Jill Dillon
Treasurer: Gene Hagens
Secretary: Dara Campbell
Federal Programs Coordinator: Terry Young
Supervisor of Special Education and Pre-K: Terri Butterworth
District Technology Coordinator: Douglas Martz
Curriculum Coordinator: Terry Young
Transportation Coordinator: Jill Dillon
Maintenance Supervisor: Walter Davis
Intermediate Unit affiliation: Intermediate Unit #10
Technical school affiliation: Clearfield County
Budget: $5,726,932.00
Taxes: 83.08 mills real estate, Clearfield County
    62.62 mills real estate, Indiana County
$5 per capita
$5 local services
1.0 percent earned income
1.0 percent real estate transfer

Total employees:  41 professional staff and 32 support staff
Employee bargaining units: PSEA
Administration office: 5239 Ridge Rd. Westover, PA 16692
Telephone: 814-845-2300
Fax: 814-845-2305