Indiana, PA - Indiana County

Indiana County Technology Center


Indiana County Technology Center

Member districts:
• Blairsville-Saltsburg School District
• Homer-Center School District
• Indiana Area School District
• Marion Center School District
• Penns Manor School District
• United School District

School board members:
• Vicki Smith, chairwoman, Homer-Center School District
• B. Edward Smith, vice chairman, Blairsville-Saltsburg School District
• Don Davis, treasurer, United School District
• Greg Sacco, assistant treasurer, Marion Center Area School District
• Julie Trimarchi-Cuccaro, Indiana Area School District
• John Hardesty Sr., Penns Manor Area School District

Meeting days and location: 12 noon on the fourth Tuesday of each month except February, July and November, and on third Tuesday of December at ICTC board room

Administrative director: Carol J. Fry
Principal: Michael McDermott
Adult Education Coordinator: Eric Palmer
School of Practical Nursing Administrator: Diana Rupert
Business Manager: Randy Thornton
Solicitor: Daniel Cooper
Open Records Officer: Deborah Poloff
Maintenance Supervisor: Doug Taylor
Secretary: Deborah Poloff

Budget: $5.966 million

Total employees: 55
Employee bargaining units: Indiana County Technology Center Education Association
Administration office: 441 Hamill Road, Indiana, PA 15701
Telephone: 724-349-6700
Fax: 855-428-2338