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Letter to the Editor

Use this form to submit a Letter to the Editor to appear in The Indiana Gazette. You will receive a phone call confirming the receipt of your letter.

Letter to the Editor Policy

The guidelines apply to letters submitted online for publication in the print edition of The Indiana Gazette.

The Indiana Gazette welcomes letters to the editor and will endeavor to print readers’ letters in a timely manner.

Letters should be signed and include the writer’s full address and telephone number so the authenticity of the letter can be confirmed. No letters will be published anonymously.

Letters must be factual and discuss issues rather than personalities. Writers should avoid name-calling. Form letters and automated “canned” email will not be accepted.

Generally, letters should be limited to 350 words.

All letters are subject to editing. Letter writers are limited to one submission every 30 days.

In addition to using the online form, readers may send letters by postal mail to Mike Petersen, editorial page editor, The Indiana Gazette, 899 Water St., Indiana, PA 15701.

Letters may also be emailed to Be sure to include a phone number.

Letters that appear in the print edition of the Gazette are also published online.

The Indiana Gazette makes the following exceptions for letters submitted for publication only on the website. The length of letters is not limited to 350 words, and a 30-day waiting period between letters is not imposed for writers. All other guidelines apply to letters submitted to The Indiana Gazette Online.