Palfrey almost perfect

Lily Palfrey, shooting for the Clymer Rifle Team in the Allegheny Valley Rifle League, posted a 299 out of a possible 300 in a win over Butler on Oct. 30. “Lily is a junior shooter and shot a score that adult shooters would be proud to shoot,” coach Joseph Benamati said. Palfrey posted a 100 prone, a 100 kneeling and a 99 standing on targets where the 10 value is less than a quarter-inch in size. She used a 14-pound precision Anschutz match rifle with metallic sights. She took her training with the Indiana County Junior Shooting Program and now is one of the coaches. The junior program is funded through grants from the NRA Foundation. She is the daughter of 1st Sgt. Frank W. Palfrey Jr. and Suzanne M. Palfrey, of Shelocta. Clymer won the A match, 1,172-1,169, and the B match, 1,141-1,093. Other top shooters were Emily Bennett (294), Maggie Palfrey (290) and Jeff Reinard (289).