Rachel Grace Fox

Rachel Grace Fox is a senior at Indiana County Technology Center. Her home district is Marion Center.

Fox lives with her parents, Jerry and Kelly. Her father is a field manager for Forum Energy, and her mother is a guidance counselor at ICTC. Fox is a middle child and has three brothers. She loves her dog, Gracie.

She chose to study the Welding Technology program at ICTC.

“It’s a good skill to know when entering the trades field,” she said.

According to Kelly Fox, Rachel has had her sights set on ICTC since the fourth grade.

“By the time she was in ninth grade and needed to confirm her schedule for her sophomore year,” said Kelly, “she had visited the ICTC half a dozen times and also attended a couple of summer camps which the ICTC hosted.

“When she selected Welding Technology as her program of interest, I was sure she was certain because she had invested the time to gain the information she needed to make this scheduling choice,” Kelly continued.

Fox is currently on Co-op, which means she attends work in the mornings at Farmery’s Welding Inc. and then goes to Marion Center for classes in the afternoon.

“I don’t find it hard to balance both schools,” she said, “but I do find it hard to balance school, sports, extracurriculars, work and friends.

“My favorite aspect of ICTC is that when I graduate, I will know basically everything I need for my future career path,” she continued, “and I get to go right into work.”

Upon graduation, Fox plans to continue working in the welding field.

“After about a year of straight work, I’ll consider going to college for something agricultural or equine related.”

Fox has been a part of the Marion Center swim team for four years and has lettered. She has done track and field for six years and currently serves as the sprint captain. She’s been a district qualifier in both sports. She is also a barrel racer and part of the National Barrel Horse Association and the International Barrel Racing Association.

Fox has received two American Welding Society D1.1 Certifications: Fluxed Cored Arc Welding and Shielded Metal Arc Welding. She has received the Principle Star Award since sophomore year at ICTC and is a member of the National Technical Honor Society. Fox has also competed at the SkillsUSA competition. She is the vice president of the AM Welding Technology program.

For her National Occupational Competency Testing Institute exam, she achieved advanced standing.

At Marion Center, she is a part of the 4-H Gordon club, Bits & Bridles club and Teen Council club.

In her community, Fox is a 4-H Horse Club member and a part of the 4-H Livestock Club. These clubs have provided her with numerous leadership opportunities, including president, secretary, reporter, Indiana County Youth Ambassador, as well as Teen Council.

In terms of community service opportunities, Fox has volunteered at 4-H fundraisers, 4-H summer camps, nursing home visits, roadside clean-ups, Family Fun Fest and the Nature Palooza.

Some of her community achievements throughout the years include Overall Outstanding Senior Member, Hippology, Horse Bowl, County Round Up and District and State Horse Show qualifier.

In addition to her Co-op work, Fox works as an ice cream attendant at Well’s Sweet Treats and a barn manager at Fox Family Farm, with daily responsibilities that include horse maintenance, scheduling and working with the farrier and veterinarian, pasture management and supply management. In 2022, Fox also worked as an office assistant at the Penn State Extension Office for the 4-H educator for Indiana County.

In her free time, Fox enjoys hanging out with her friends and dog, riding horses, being outdoors, working on the farm and getting her nails done.